Olivier da Costa

Lo chef Olivier da Costa, uno dei più rinomati chef portoghesi, inaugura il suo primo indirizzo nella capitale italiana. Lo chef franco-portoghese, con oltre 25 anni di esperienza nell’industria della gastronomia, è riconosciuto per i suoi concetti futuristici. Olivier da Costa ha un portfolio multinazionale che include 25 ristoranti in sette paesi. È un punto di riferimento nella storia dell’industria della ristorazione in Portogallo, per la rivoluzione che ha portato con i suoi marchi, le tendenze e i concetti. Grazie a questi, garantisce che ogni cliente abbia un’esperienza unica e un momento speciale quando entra in uno spazio By Olivier. Discover exquisite rolex replica watches that exude elegance and style. Shop now to find your perfect accessory for any occasion.

Marco Stella

Marco Stella started his career at the age of 13, when he got his first job in the hotel industry. After this first experience, he entered the hospitality school in Italy, his home country. After graduating, he decided to move to London to learn more about the world of cocktails and learn English.

He stayed about 4 years in London and from there he went to Barcelona where he accompanied the opening of 2 spaces. In the Catalan capital, he had the privilege to work in some of the best rated bars in Barcelona: Javier de las Muelas and Old Fashion. There he learned about the consistency and quality of the products.

His last experiences before receiving the title of Head Bartender of SEEN NICE were at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park and PDT Hong Honk – named the best bar in the world in 2011.

Denis Gamard

Denis Gamard, a native of Dijon, was born into a family from Saigon, Vietnam. He has always been inspired by the recipes of his mother’s Asian restaurant, where he started to help at the age of 13, to delight everyone with his dishes.

He has an extensive list of restaurants where he has worked, including Vincent Croizard in Nîmes, Jean-Luc Rabanel in Arles and Franck Putelat in Carcassonne… he claims that his current way of cooking is derived from all these experiences.

He is the chosen Head Chef to lead the SEEN Nice gastronomic experience that will bring influences from all over the world.

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